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In the past twenty years, especially, our communities have been repeatedly processed — by immigration systems, government surveillance, and white supremacy — explicitly to minimize our humanity. But in the face of such violence, we have prevailed; SAALT’s own ongoing efforts are in response to this forced processing, whether when calling for community-led policy advocacy or in-language resource redistribution.

Today, we stand in good company, witnessing our community’s young folks in a radical reclamation of process: to make their own sense of identity, diaspora, and liberation in and beyond the contexts of U.S. imperialism, religious discrimination, and principled change-making. In their stories, we see the next collective processes that await us, which, rather than being state-led or othering, are by us and for us.


PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE  is a mini-docuseries and interactive digital exhibition which amplifies our young siblings’ calls to process — the past twenty years, and the next twenty years — in just, transformative, and unifying ways.


As changemakers both repeatedly reborn and cemented in history, our storytellers talk us through their changing relationships with U.S. imperialism, diasporic solidarity, and transnational belonging as it relates to 9/11 and all that followed. process: 20 years since sheds light on our young siblings' developing theories of change, as they sit with the past twenty years and look to the next -- how will those who come after us use their relationships with a post-9/11 world to advocate for justice?

On 10 September 2021, SAALT and the artists, allies, and storytellers involved in the making of PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE celebrated the launch of the project at Judson Memorial Church and Washington Square Park, bringing together community members for an afternoon of collective reflection. See pictures, taken by Iqra Shahbaz, here.

On 16 September 2021, SAALT, alongside co-hosts Justice for Muslims Collective and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), hosted a virtual Congressional Briefing on 9/11 and the War on Terror, where multiple storytelling siblings shared their stories. Read their reflections here, and watch the Congressional Briefing here.

On 21 September 2021, SAALT held a virtual event celebrating "PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE" with the exclusive launch of a compilation video highlighting themes from the docuseries, with commentary from panelists Shravya Kag, Saira Mangat, Atif Akhter, and SAALT's own Lakshmi Sridaran and Simran Noor. Watch the compilation video here.





Shravya Kag is the documentary filmmaker focused on intimate narrative power who filmed this docu-series.
Noor Khan is the exhibition designer moved by sound and silence who manifested all in-person experiences. 
Lameesa Mallic is the graphic designer committed to values-based creative expression who built the visual language for this project.
Sharmin Hossain is the community organizer and event planner who brought these dreams to life.

Sruti Suryanarayanan is the staff person who liaised across communities to build this space for storytelling and storyhearing.

South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) is the organization behind PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE, weaving it into advocacy work from the past twenty years and for the next twenty years.

Judson Memorial Church is the non-profit space which hosted artist Noor Khan's one-day-only installation, and Jeanne Travis and Peter Dragos are the staff people who coordinated the launch of PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE.

Iqra Shahbaz is the photographer who captured the launch of PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE .

Maansi Shah is the organizer who provided day-of support to the launch of PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE.

Wazina Zondon is the community member who led khutba at the launch of PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE

Hossain Uncle is the community member who led prayer at the launch of PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE.

Kabab King is the local chai store that provided nourishment at the launch of PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE

Flowers by Giorgie is the local flower shop that provided floral materials for artist Noor Khan's installation at the launch of PROCESS: 20 YEARS SINCE

ArtBuilt at the Brooklyn Army Terminal is the space where artist Noor Khan and staff person Sruti Suryanarayanan built the installation.

Special thanks to Dan Taeyoung, Soft Surplus, Devin Malone, Ashanti Chaplin, and Staples for their support.

Anonymous is a 23 year old South Asian American.

Anonymous is a 20 year old South Asian American.

Anonymous is a 21 year old South Asian American.

Arshia Hussain is a 20 year old South Asian American.

Atif is a 21 year old South Asian in America.

Hanna Wafa Kherzai is a 22 year old South Asian American.

Hassan Javed is an 18 year old South Asian American.

Navraj Singh is a 20 year old South Asian American.

Anonymous is a 21 year old South Asian American.

Anonymous is a 22 year old South Asian American.

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